Documentary name 2021

Tomo Križnar

2021 Tomo Križnar


Tomo Križnar travels tirelessly and explores the world, revealing the living conditions and existential gaps between the developed world and a world, where a drop of water is more valuable than gold and a shadow is as rare as wolves in Slovenia. This world is also approaching the West with increasingly questionable and manipulative media intervention, which Križnar's work exposes with recordings that, without his presence in very demanding residential areas, might not have reached us for decades. Križnar's presence and camera are combined with a sharp and far-reaching eye. A cyclist and relentless fighter for human rights, he is one of those who face the conditions of life face to face, knowing full well that working in the field is something completely different from saving the world from an office, surrounded by security guards, inadmissibly removed from problem areas. Therefore, we can write without hesitation that the whole world is Križnar's office and it is necessary to listen to the words that he has been persistently repeating for decades. By raising awareness, Križnar strives to achieve rights for everyone on the planet. The planet's goods must be accessible to everyone, water being the first on the list. But unfortunately, evil and corruption do not rest in any society, no matter how developed it is. Namely, political interests devour the goodness of the world, gullibly depriving it of power, control, and profit, which has taken a place over the basic life needs of human beings.

Film screening on DOKUDOC

Eyes and Ears of God: Video Surveillance of Sudan

Sunday, September 19, 2021 at 18.00

Footage from the upcoming documentary Rotting (2021)