DOKU Travel

2021, 75 min
Director: Matthew Somerville

Film Screening:
02.09.2022 - Kranjska Gora - Liznjek Homestead - 20:00
03.09.2022 - Jesenice - Banquet hall Kolpern - 20:00
04.09.2022 - Ljubljana - Kinodvor - 21:15
05.09.2022 - Trbovlje - Delavski dom Trbovlje - 18:00
06.09.2022 - Brežice - Posavje Museum Brežice - 20:00

Online Workshop on Writing About Documentary Film

9 to 16 September 2022

In the online workshop on writing about a documentary film, the participants will learn the basics of journalism and stylistics of reporting, as well as review the history and state of the field of documentary film. They will learn about different methods of documentary film analysis. After viewing the selected films screened as part of the DOKUDOC festival, we will discuss them and, in cooperation with the mentor, write reviews about the selected film, which will be published on the festival's website, and the best of them also in the printed publication. The workshop is organized in cooperation with the newspaper Večer and the Institute for Media Communications Maribor.

The workshop is free of charge.


Masterclass With Jan Gogola: Maribor and Documentary Film as Poetry

16 September 2022, 15:00, Viktring Court

The highlight of this year's educational selection is a Masterclass with Jan Gogola entitled: Maribor and documentary film as poetry. Together with the mentor, the participants will think about how to transfer poetry into the genre of poetic documentary film. which uses more experimental approaches and interweaves images and music, creating an atmosphere for achieving a special emotional experience. How do we place a poetic word on a film? Can a documentary be read like poetry? What are the narrative capabilities of combining the two approaches on film?

Jan Gogola works as a director, script editor, lecturer at Tomas Bata University in Zlín - Faculty of Multimedia Communications – Audiovisual Arts. Formerly a commissioning editor for Czech TV, chief of programme Czech TV Brno and lecturer at FAMU. His reflexive and stylized films are often based on everyday life, which forms a source of philosophical exploration: diary, essay, happening, observation, performance, situational portrait. He is author of essays what published in média and books.

The Masterclass is organized in cooperation with the Directors Guild of Slovenia as part of the Dokumentarnica workshop.


Into the Night/Into the Light

September 16, 2022, beginning at 18.00

The mystical creatures Wordy and Metamorphosis will once again come to the Dokudoc festival, where they will uncover the veils of the invisible, search for secrets and find a pinch of the miraculous in everything. Anyone who dares to indulge in their fans, cards or paintbrush will be showered with a silver breeze of this year's festival spirit.

Performers: Alja Bulič & Katarina Jenšterle
Production: Hupa Brajdič

Heartbeat Concert

September 17, 2022 at 23:00, Viktring Court

On Saturday evening, we cordially invite you to join us at the concert of the Maribor's band Heartbeat, which consists of: Igor Bezget, Tadej Tadiman Tratnik, Behrang Azhdari, Tina Sovič, Urška Gajšt, Patricija Roj, Mea Valens and Gaja Klas. They regularly collaborate with many top musicians from local and international music scene.

Exceptional genre breadth, wide musical mileage and newly created original compositions with positive life messages, all this is Heartbeat. Experience their magical musical world with us.

The event is free of charge.


Documentary Laboratory Dokumentarnica

16 to 18 September 2022

In June, the Directors Guild of Slovenia announced a call for the second intensive practical workshop Dokumentarnica - a documentary laboratory, which will be organized by the Directors Guild of Slovenia and with the financial support of the Slovenian Film Center. The mentors will be Petra Seliškar, Matjaž Ivanišin and Rok Biček.

Out of 16 complete and timely applications, a three-member committee consisting of workshop mentors chose the following:
- Haidy Kancler: SE GA!
- Sebastian Korenič Tratnik: SLOVENSKEGA NARODA HČI
- Amir Muratović: 17. NADSTROPJE

The workshop, which is free of charge for the selected participants, will take place in three-weekend meetings from September this year to March 2023.

The first module of the Dokumentarnica 2022 will be held within the framework of our DOKUDOC festival, from 16 to 18 September, in Maribor. We will also be hosting the participants of the Dokumentarnica 2021, which we are very much looking forward to.

DOKUDOC Talks: Copyright Rafting

September 18, 2022, 13.00-15.00

This year's Dokudoc talks will be held on a raft on the Drava River for festival guests. In the intimate atmosphere of river waves, we will discuss copyright in the field of documentary film. The discussion will be moderated by Petra Seliškar and Rok Biček. This time, our guests will be lawyer Špela Grčar and the head of professional services at AIPA k.o. Peter Kep. As part of our festival, we already organized a descent down the Drava in 2012, and now, ten years later, it's time to do it again. Sailing from Koblar Bay to the port of Lent will offer a refreshment with a veggie lunch, while Daniel Marinič will delight us with an accordion. Not even the Drava swans, which are an integral part of Maribor's charm, will be missing.