11. Dokudoc. Five reasons

 🙋Hey! Hey! Okay. That is true. We admit it. We're not very good at ranking, but... One exception? Yeah? Ok, let's go! Five reasons why everyone who went to Dokudoc turned their pockets around twice before washing. Because these movie tickets? We keep them. Ha! This was already the first reason, followed by four more.

1. This is the festival that has never been cold. Uh, no…. Because we're still "old-school". Where haven’t we been? UuUuuUuu! Tough, durable, loyal. Well, we enjoyed it! Always! This year we are mostly in the wonderful Maribor Puppet Theatre, but otherwise we are up, down, and around. In Maribor, we will mostly be, yes, in those mutual seats. Folding ones. For two people. 🛋

2️. Five premieres and two pre-premiers! Here we go. No, we don't! We? No! Who says premieres aren't what they used to be? Oh, they are. Out of 25 screenings, five will be premieres and two will be pre-premieres. And, yes, Žiga Virc is also on board, this time to discuss the Summer of 91. Houston won't be the only one with a problem. Oh, no. All of America will have a former problem with Sparks in time. Because Slovenia used to make – its own computer. 🍾

3. Three girls from Afghanistan who don’t have a ski lift, but have a dream that... Turn upside down? Cannabis that can break an individual but set many others free? The rotting of living lepers, where the conscience is putrefying? What about Sarajevo safari, which sold out the screening in Sarajevo? Yeah, all of that. That's four sub/super reasons, haha! ⛷

4. Workshops of all workshops. This will be the Dokudoc, after which nothing will be as it was before. Docudoc Luksuz documentary film workshop with Boris Petkovič. Workshop on writing about a documentary film with Melita Zajec, PhD. And masterclass on poetry in documentary film with Jan Gogola. This will be a Dokudoc that will last and last and last. In eternity of word. And film. 💻

Welcome! See you soon!