12th DOKUDOC begins!

Despite facing financial challenges, the 12th edition of the DOKUDOC International Documentary Film Festival has curated a unique and thoughtfully selected program. This year, the festival places a major focus on underlining the importance of decentralizing film content in Maribor, a city that lacks a dedicated cinema. Our program features the latest in Slovenian and international documentary productions, made possible with the generous support of the public institution Narodni dom Maribor.

On September 14, 2023, at 8 p.m., in the Puppet Theater Maribor's DOKU NOW section, we will present the short documentary "ŠKATLA/THE BOX," directed by Tomaž Pavkovič, exploring the mysticism of the sixties and seventies in the former Yugoslavian commonwealth. This documentary was honored with the main Slovenian prize at this year's FeKK – Ljubljana Short Film Festival. Following this, we are thrilled to offer the long-awaited global premiere of the medium-length documentary "MELANIA," directed by Jurij Gruden, providing unique insights into Melania Trump, the controversial American First Lady of Slovenian origin. After the screenings, there will be a discussion with the directors. Tickets for both films (5 EUR) can be purchased at the Maribor Puppet Theater box office.

As part of a festival, a three-day educational program "Documentarnica 2022-2023" returns, organized by the Directors Guild of Slovenia and generously supported by the Slovenian Film Centre. Tomorrow, on September 15, this year's participants, including Peter Cerovšek, Vid Hajnšek, Anja Meded, Boj Nuvak, Nika Solce, and Hanna Szentpeteri, will convene at Vetrinjski dvor to brainstorm and shape their documentary film concepts. They will benefit from the mentorship of esteemed figures in the industry, namely Matjaž Ivanišin, Rok Biček, and Petra Seliškar. Additionally, participants from last year's workshop will showcase the progress of their projects, and they, alongside this year's participants, will follow the programme of this year's DOKUDOC festival as an integral part of the workshop.