DOKUDOC SELECTED 2022 is known!

The jury, consisting of Helle Hansen, Melita Zajc, PhD, and Miha Černec, for the first time in the history of DOKUDOC, selected two documentary films: DOKUDOC 2022 for the feature film Sarajevo Safari directed by Miran Zupanič, and DOKUDOC SELECTED 2022 for the short film Grandma's Sexual Life directed by Urška Djukić. Special mention goes to the film Newsreel 80 - Meka, Meki directed by Nika Autor.

The jury's thoughts about the film Sarajevo Safari:

”This is a film with an evilness you will never forget. You feel with the peoples loss and you hate that human beings can be so cruel. If we have forgotten how insane a war can be - this film will remind us forever.”

About the film Grandma's Sexual Life:

“This a very creative, humorous  and strong piece about the way Grannies experienced a sexual life. It is interesting with an intelligent and funny animation and has a strong and focused ending. “

About the Jury Special Mention - Newsreel 80 - Metka, Meki directed by Nika Autor:

“Film about the “gastarbaiters,” workers who after the second world war were moving from Slovenia to the countries of Northern Europe in search of a better life. In an innovative, personal way shows that Slovenians are a nation of migrants. With the recipes for diverse ethnic dishes as the centre of the story, the film reveals that mixing diverse cultures is the most common aspect of human life.”